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Replacement large cuff for compatible OMRON blood pressure monitors. This cuff is suitable for use on upper arms with a circumference of 32-42cm and is compatible with the following OMRON devices. OMRON 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor; 14-Reading Memory, Soft Wide-range Cuff, 1 Dr. Recommended By OMRON. LotFancy D-Ring Cuff Replacement H-003D H-CR24 for Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP710 BP742 HEM-432C HEM-711AC HEM-712C HEM-712CLC ELITE7300W, Large 9-17 Inches. LotFancy D-Ring Cuff Replacement H-003D H-CR24 for Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP710 BP742 HEM-432C HEM-711AC HEM-712C HEM-712CLC ELITE7300W, Large 9-17 Inches. 06/08/2013 · Omron Replacement Cuff Compatible with BP760, BP762, BP785, BP791IT, HEM-711DLX, HEM-773AC, HEM-780, HEM-790IT. Fits arms 9"-17" Replaces Old Omron Replacement Cuff Part780-1N.

The large cuff is bigger than the medium cuff size and is for individuals with arm circumference 32-42cm. Omron H-003D Large Adult Replacement Cuff. Rated highly by users, the H-003D model is a large adult Omron cuff sold just as all other Omron replacement cuffs. Choose the replacement cuff you need for your Omron Blood Pressure Monitor. Need help choosing the correct cuff or Blood Pressure Machine, Please call. Replacement OMRON Intelli Wrap Cuff measures accurately in any position on your upper arm¹. Suitable for use on arms with a circumference of 22-42cm and for use with the following OMRON blood pressure monitors.

Omron replacement D-ring blood pressure cuff. Works with specific Omron blood pressure monitors and is available in two sizes, Small 7-9 inches and Large 13-17 inches. As it is important to wear a cuff that properly fits to get a good reading it is recommended to measure the circumference around your upper arm to ensure the cuff will fit.

Replacement Large Blood Pressure Monitor Upper-Arm Cuff 32-42cm to suit IA2, T9P, HEM4030, SEM1/2, HEM7203/7200/7211. • Suits arm circumference 32 – 42cm• Latex free• CompatibleONLYwith the Omron Blood Pressure Models listed below:-IA2-SEM2-SEM1-HEM7203-HEM7200-HEM7211-HEM7300-T9P-HEM4030. Boxed Contents: 1x Large cuff Size: Large.</plaintext> With Omron blood pressure monitors you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable reading. The accuracy of all OMRON blood pressure monitors—both upper arm and wrist models—is validated by three major global organizations that develop testing protocols. When you trust your heart health to Omron, you’ll be empowered by accuracy. 1-16 of 31 results for "omron replacement cuff" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. Free UK Delivery by Amazon. All customers get FREE UK Delivery on orders over £20 dispatched by Amazon. 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